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  • Gail DeMasi

Where does the time go?

Shocking, and a bit sad: I have not posted here for 4 years. I was thinking about Chance (she was first born daughter of Two Face) and how empty it feels now she has moved to her new home. Chance is one of the best dogs we have had the pleasure of knowing. And so, I will remember. I will remember her bouncing around like Tigger, never realizing her size or that she was not a puppy anymore. I will remember her getting in the UPS truck and hearing the fellow toot his horn... until someone called out "Get Chance out of the UPS truck!" I am going to remember that it is in the memory of our beloved that we are connected for all of time. It matters not where the time goes. So here is to Chance, to my mom and dad, to friends I have said good bye to- and here is to remembering, and, creating the memories to remember.

Munsonville Take-a-Chance-on-Me

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