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Aemon and

A Bernese is the dog you want on the journey of life... 

BEST BERNESE began when two teenage  brothers decided each would buy a puppy. One bought a Golden Retriever and one bought a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Life for their family would never be the same.


Both dogs were dearly beloved. Both had great personalities and both were very beautiful. But it was the Bernese Mountain Dog that would prove to be just a bit more beautiful, a bit more intelligent, a bit more personable: a bit more wonderful.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are so uniquely pleasant and communciative that they are able to change the hearts of  "I'll never ever have a dog" folks. They  create such loyalty amongst their owners that many will never have another kind of dog.


BEST BERNESE warmly welcomes  your inquiry and will happily answer any questions you may have. We have been raising Bernese for over sixteen years. We confidently say Bernese are the best dogs, with the best temperament, and are eager to be your best friend.


If you live in New England, we encourage you to consider visting us. Come meet our dogs and us! We are located in southern NH, in the shadow of beautiful Mount Monadnock.

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