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New England raised, on lots of land, with tons of affection from family and friends.


Our puppies come a couple of times a year. We continue our attention to our pedigree program, trying to take advantage of the work of breeders more experienced than ourselves. These breeders have conscientiously strived to improve the lineage of the Bernese Mountain Dog. To that end, we have imported some of our dogs (as pups) from overseas and have brought in pups from a breeder in the states. Our dogs have European and American lineage. The quest is to improve the health, temperament, life span and looks of the puppy you take home to become a member of your family.

Laid back and happy!

Our puppies are born in our home, carefully assisted throughout the birthing process. Mom and pups stay inside for at least four weeks with plenty of attention. After four weeks the puppies are moved to our barnquarters- heated, finished, individual stalls with plenty of light and access to a fenced in area. Additionally, the puppies come to the "puppy yard" during the day to play and interact with the family.

Blue Barrel Puppies

Bernese Mountain Dogs love the snowy New England weather! In the "puppy yard" is the now famous blue barrel,  a hayfilled shelter the puppies love to gather in and nap. At eight weeks old puppies are ready to go to their new homes. Our pups come to you with an AKC registration packet (including useful info about AKC, raising your pup and a litter certificate showing lineage) as well as a NH vet health certificate. The pups will have already been dewormed and have received their first distemper shot.

One of our pups enjoying his new home

​Bringing a puppy home can be a seamless event or it can be filled with questions and worry. For the eight weeks that our pups are with us we are sure to get to know each one and insist on socializing each. We even begin early training. When you bring your pup home we remain available to answer questions or assist with any concerns you may have. We want to stay in relationship with you and we are only ever a phone call or an e-mail away.

Summer under the stairs

Many of our new puppy owners visit us before their pups are available, to see our dogs and meet us. Many come to visit the pups after they are old enough for company. We want to be welcoming and transparent in what we do and who we are. A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is a great addition to your family, but there should never be any surprises. We encourage you to research the breed, to talk with us, and to meet us. Being friendly and personable is our calling card...just like our dogs!

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