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  • Gail DeMasi

Puppy Breath

The summer puppies arrived amidst the intermittent cold and heat. So much of life is about opposites, often extremes presenting themselves in the same span. ("It was 25 degrees this morning...but it is 65 right now!") The puppy life is rather short lived- in just eight weeks a pup grows from ounces to ten pounds, often fifteen. As I look at Isabel it seems almost yesterday that she was so little, climbing up on my lap for a story. ("Did you know Winnie-ther-Pooh is more for me than you?") I know I will look at this picture one day, reflecting on the innocence and the beauty and will wonder, indeed, where did the time go? And so we live: accepting each day for its promise of gift. We unwrap the outer paper, until the genuine relationship emerges. We know we will always have each other, for love is like that.

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