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  • Gail DeMasi

They do grow up

Jim Bob was so enamored with the recent litter of pups. Here he is with Friday (three weeks old) in his lap, petting Fitz. Every time he visted us he went in to see Friday...they connected. Why do you suppose we like to remember when she was little? when he was just a baby? when we were younger? I suppose because we think that youth holds such beauty and gives us hope, and it does. But I think we also tend to think that as we get older we do not have that same beauty and forget to be hopeful. And here we comitt an error, for each of us is just as beautiful as we have ever been, perhaps even more so. We have lived, we have laughed and cried, we have had loss and we have life. There is beauty in the soul, forever...and the hope is contained in the essence of our being, exactly who we are. Below is Snowbiz Mountain Blizzard...nearly grown up at two years old...

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