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  • Gail DeMasi

Berners and Babies?

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I meet many people through this delightful adventure of raising Bernese Mountain Dogs. It is not unusual to be asked, "Are they good with kids?" But, I have never been asked that question as if the person had no real idea what my answer would be. No one has ever been shocked that Berners are actually great with children. And yet, I have families with whom one of my pups goes to live who came to me after having been turned away from another breeder with the disclaimer "Fifteen year olds are too young for a Bernese" or "Twelve is too much of a child and not a good match" or "Little children should never be around a Berner." I don't dispute a breeder's right to not sell or place a puppy: I just wonder why anyone would think they are not a perfect family dog. I have a large family and many grandchildren; enough experience to know how tolerant, docile and loyal Berners are to their family- all ages included! (Note: Berners are dogs and for that reason one must never assume that they are not capabe of behaving badly, as any dog could. Wrong circumstances (whelping mom), poor training, unresponsive owners, neglect, running with a pack, can contribute to raising an ill mannered dog- whatever the breed.)

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