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  • Gail DeMasi

Cats and Dogs


Bernese are so laid back a cat could misinterpret their demeanor as submission to its ultimate rule. Maybe. Does the attitude a cat displays silently command attention and docility? Or can it be that two creatures are housemates and actually enjoy each other's company? In the photo above, Aemon and Roo more than tolerate each other: they are friends. It is not unusual to see Roo curled up in Aemon's fur, or for Roo to be batting at him and waiting to play. We have had great luck with companionability between our animals. In fact, we have had a good run of companionability with people we share our lives with as well. Perhaps there is a call to a laid back attitude when accepting the "others" in our lives. Even if it means getting a tail in the face from time to time...


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